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Eastern Canada Tour             West, Southern Travel          
  A stroll through the eastern United States, equivalent to the history of the United States watched it again! Thirsts with the mood, approached the history to see "Big Apple" New York style, to see the United States honor the founding capital of Philadelphia, to Washington, the White House to do something a pilgrimage to Niagara Falls Thundering trend, shake people's minds, It is difficult to forget ... ...     Into the "Golden City", San Francisco, Angel City "Los Angeles" entertainment city "Las Vegas" ... ... tour the Grand Canyon, Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, Yellowstone Park, President of the rock ... the beauty of your ... West Happy journey from here ... ...
Hawaii             Luxury Cruise          
  Enjoy the azure coast of the Pacific Islands, clean beach. Cultural and natural geographical landscapes ... a taste of Hawaii to bring you feelings of romantic ... ...     When you enjoy the cruise of the most excellent service and enjoy an unusually charming scenery, the ferry had been bound for their next destination. You just look forward to next plans to participate in an earthly paradise and a variety of shore-based tourism projects that ...
China Tour             European Style          
  Vast land and the magnificent mountains and rivers, a long history and brilliant culture, coupled with rich and varied cultural landscape, making Asia the world's most popular tourist destination today's.     European sentiment classic series, covering the trip from east to west, from north to south of the Greater Europe. We sincerely invite you, with our colleagues, and experience the romantic European style!

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